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Client Transformations

Denver Personal Trainer

Client: Aimee

Transformation Time: 12 Months

Goal: Weight Loss & Overall Health

Aimee came to us wanting to live a healthier lifestyle and to lose weight. She was personal training with us for 2 times a week and did group circuit workouts for her homework workouts. She lost 30 pounds in a year and changed her entire lifestyle!

"I never considered myself to be a gym person. They scared me. I KNEW that I needed to change something up though. My sedentary lifestyle had taken a toll and it was STEEP. I called and spoke to someone who was knowledgeable, and super patient with all of my questions. The pricing was great. I had zero excuses, so I signed up. Best decision I've made in a while! I was terrified of walking into a giant building full of people staring at me as I worked. Nope! Not the case. The staff is fantastic. It's a community atmosphere, and totally a judgment free zone (So. Many. High. Fives.). They work WITH you and your ability. At the end I lost over 3 inches overall, gained muscle, felt stronger, and felt better in my body. I look forward to continuing being a part of their community for as long as possible."

Nourished Training

Client: Rob

Transformation Time: 6 Weeks

Goal: Weight Gain Muscle

Rob followed our nutrition programming to a T and the results show! He did our 6-week training program of 5 workouts per week with nutrition.

"You are responsible for changing my life completely. I know you saw the transformation in my life from an unhealthy party animal to someone dedicated to healthy living. You were the biggest influence in my life, changing who I am as a person. I’m forever grateful to you for helping me. I’m just trying to follow in your footsteps as a leader."

Transformation Nourished Training

Client: Nicole

Transformation Time: 42 Days

Goal: Weight Loss & Muscle Gain

Nicole was a college student who needed guidance with a nutrition and training program that would fit her busy shcool and work schedule. Her training sessions consisted of weight lifting and her homework workouts were a variety of circuit and weight lifting exercises. Her nutrition program was macro based, allowing her to pre-make her meals before she left for school each morning. Nicole lost 9 pounds in 42 day. Congrats Nicole!

Transformations Picture

Client: Victoria

Transformation Time: 8 Weeks

Goal: Fat Loss & Muscle Gain

Victoria struggled with keeping on weight and didn't like her "skinny fat" genes. Her main goals were to lose body fat and to have toned arms, legs and a flat stomach. As a vegetarian, we really worked on getting her nutrition dialed in. During her first week, we realized she was not eating the proper macros and needed to adjust those. With her nutrition changes, her workouts were all weight lifting. She did not need to do much cardio, instead we focused on heavier split training. Within 8 weeks she lost 3 inches in her stomach and gained 2 inches in her glutes (she was extra happy about this). Muscle weighs more than fat, and this is a pure example of how someone can gain weight but lose inches!

Denver Trainer

Client: Lizzy

Transformation Time: 3 Months

Goal: Weight Loss 

Liz did our Fit for the Dress training program to get ready for her big day! Her goals was to lose weight because her wedding dress was too big the first day she tried it on. She followed our nutrition program and did cycling in addition to her in-person sessions in the studio. She lost 12 pounds and needed new dress alternations to make sure her dress fit because now it was too big!

"What a great new gym for the Lakewood area, so conveniently located off 6th Avenue and such reasonable personal training rates! Siera is wonderful, she helps you to attain your goals through a holistic approach, including personal training and nutrition plans.Would recommend to anyone!"

Denver Trainer

Client: Natalie

Transformation Time: 6 Months

Goal: Gain Strength and fix her adrenal fatigue

Client Natalie came to NPT to learn about nutrition and how to exercise based on her goals. When she first came to us she was exercising two hour a day and not eating enough. This left to some major adrenal fatigue.
Her first 3 months with us she did a cutting phase of a combination of lifting, cardio and macro tracking. The next 3 months we did a strength phase of less cardio, more food and heavier lifting.
On her graduation session she hit 135lb deadlifts and can even do pull-ups! Her results show how her body really leaned out and how much stronger she now is. Great work Natalie!! 

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