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How to Build a Home Fitness Center for $100 or Less

At home workouts are a very popular concept. Why? It allows for individuals to get a workout in without having to drive some where, there are no monthly fees and can help with making no excuses to get into the gym. A large majority of my clients have at home gyms due to convenience or are mothers to a new born. This makes having an at home gym is a great option!

Creating an at home gym does not need to break the bank to get setup. Here is a list of equipment you can put in an empty room or your garage for less than $100.


Depending on what sizes you want it usually cost $1 per pound. Lets say you get two 10lbs and 15lbs. This will cost you $50. Walmart has good pricing on these and sometimes your Facebook Marketplace may have good deals.

Yoga Mat:

You can find these cheap at or amazon these are about $8.

Resistance Bands:

I like my clients to own both leg and arm resistance bands. My go to is eBay and Amazon for the resistance bands, these are about $10 each for a whole pack.


Kettlebells are great to have in your home gym because you can do all types of full body exercises with these. I have seen these for a really great price at TJMaxx and Rep Fitness. These are also about $1 per pound.

Here is a sample full body exercise you can do at home with all of the equipment I listed above.

Day 1 (Perform each exercise for 1 minute/30 second rest, 2 sets)

Circuit 1

  • Dumbbell Squat to Press

  • Resistance Band Bicep Curl

  • Kettlebell swings

Circuit 2

  • Resistance Band Jump Squats

  • Dumbbell Plank Rows

  • Kettlebell Stiff Leg Dead Lifts

Circuit 3

  • Dumbbell Lunges

  • Resistance Band Single Should Press

  • Kettlebell Jacks

Circuit 4

  • Dumbbell Sumo Squat

  • Yoga Mat Bicycles

  • Kettlebell Curl, Press, Tricep Extension

Summer is around the corner! While it’s still cold here in Denver, having a home gym can change up your fitness goals and success!


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