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Group Training Program

Our NEW Group Personal Training Program is custom designed to help you reach your goals with accountability. This is our affordable personal training program in Denver that allows you to work with a personal trainer in a small group. With our small group training program, you will receive in-person training sessions, homework workouts, and a nutrition program that is best to reach your goals.

Request a consult today before the spots fill up.


Is Small Group Training for me?

  • How many times per week should I train?
    When you are working with a trainer we will asses if you need to workout 1, 2 or 3 times per week. We will also determine how many times per week you will need to workout on your own (for your homework workouts). This depends on your goals & lifestyle. Some people will workout 5 days a week while others may only do 3 days a week.
  • I have injuries can I still work with a trainer?
    Of course! If you have been cleared by a doctor, we have trainers who work specifically with injury prone clients. Our clients have found that as their training program progresses that their injury is less painful and it healing better.
  • How long until I see results?
    Results are different for each client. This all depends on how active you have been recently, how your nutritional habits are, and what your specific goals are. We always say that within the first month you will start feeling better and see a slight difference. By the third and sixth month you will see a more drastic change. This again is all determined by each client's participation in the program as well.
  • I feel confident in my nutrition do I need to do the nutrition plan?
    Not everyone who comes to us needs help with nutrition. We like to asses each persons eating habits just to make sure they are eating for their goals. If they have it down then we do not make them do any nutritional work. We always recommend having your trainer briefly look at what a day of meals looks like so they can make sure you are getting the proper macronutrients for your fitness goals.
  • How many meals do I have to eat?
    We recommend eating meals based off of your lifestyle, job and schedule. It is important you are reaching your calorie and macro intake for your fitness goals, but we strive on teaching clients how to enjoy eating for their lifestyle.
  • Do I have to eat the same boring meal plan?
    Absolutely not! Our Nourished Meal Plan is designed for you to have variety along with different recipes to try so you can spice up your meals.
  • What programs do you offer?
    We offer a wide range of programs for personal training but we specialized in weight loss, muscle gain, sports training, and bridal fitness. During your initial consultation, we will determine how many days per week you will be working with a trainer and how many days per week you will be working on your homework workouts with our App. Our App has at home and gym workouts. Each homework workout shows you what the exercise look like, along with the sets and reps.
  • Do you offer Vegan & Vegetarian meal plans?
    Yes! We have designed a meal plan specifically for vegan/vegetarians that includes different options and recipes. And if you aren't vegan we have regular meal plans as well.

Class Times

Group session times are:

Thursday's at 6pm

Spots will fill up quickly! Email us for your free consultation today. 

App Pic
App Pic

What you get when you work with Siera and her team.

  • New homework workout system.

  • Our nutrition handbook & recipes.

  • Access to in-app coaching.

  • Exercise videos and routines.

  • Goal tracking and measurements.

  • Coaching and guidance.

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Lakewood Personal Trainer
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